VFX Animations, Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

We tell stories through animation, motion graphics & visual effects

Motion Graphics

Almost all video projects need motion graphics. From lower thirds, to opens, closes, bumpers, logos, and information throughout, graphics will help tell your story and enhance the overall production quality of your piece.

Visual FX

From green-screen compositing that gives your footage any background you can dream up, to adding steam to footage of food to make it look hot and delicious… Let our talented visual FX artists work some magic on your next project and you’ll be blown away by what you see.

VFX Animations

VFX Animations can be a great supplement to any video production project, or in some cases, the video can be entirely animation driven. From character animation to logo animation, and everything in between, our talented animators can create any kind of 3D animation for your next project.

We encourage you to find out how our interactive client process will provide fast and cost-effective 3D renderings – and a true winning advantage for your project.

How 3D VFX set you apart from the competition

Animation, motion graphics and visual FX can take your video production project to the next level. These post-production services add visual appeal, help tell the story, and enhance the existing video footage. At 3D.CR, our talented staff animators and graphic artists utilize our state-of-the-art software and hardware to bring your visions to life.

Click here to watch some examples of our VFX Visualizations.