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Our 3D Design Process

Overview of our four step project process

1. Project DISCOVERY

After the initial contact or outreach to 3D.CR, we usually respond back via e-mail and/or phone and ask questions that will help us to better understand your architectural design needs and overall project requirements to start the 3D Design Process.

During the project discovery phase we review all feedback received from decision makers and/or designated project leads representing your company.

It is our goal during this stage to better understand your project, establish primary project objectives, key milestones and deliverables.

After the client agrees to the rough estimate, milestones and delivery scope as well as any suggested options uniquely suited to the project, 3D.CR will prepare a formal proposal that will allow us, upon acceptance to move forward to the next stage.

2. DESIGN Stage

3D.CR gathers the information received during the project discovery phase and all additional material and information needed to produce your architectural renderings, animations, virtualization or other requested service, such as CAD drawings to a building information model, colors and material requirements et cetera.

Based on the project scope, delivery timeline and available internal resources we assign the most suitable project team for your project.

As we prepare for the transition to the next step, we are building in the design stage a gray scale proof, which needs customer approval for accuracy.


During this phase 3D.CR utilizes the experience of our designers, artists, programmers, and architects to start adding the environment, colors, materials, and work on the composition.

Usually after a few days, we will send out a low-resolution color proof for review and customer approval for accuracy.

Please note that in case the service ordered is based on animations and/or interactive 3D presentation, we will send out a colored movie in lower quality for review.

After incorporating all changes and anything what needs to be tweaked, we will send a second low-resolution for review and customer approval (Note: we usually allow for up to three sets of revisions)


Finally, after all needed revisions based on comments from you and other designated members of your organization have been incorporated, we are ready to render out the high-resolution versions of your architectural renderings or animations and send out the final hi-resolution updated draft image(s) with water marks and the invoice for the final payment.

Upon receipt of the final payment, the final high-resolution output as previously approved, will be delivered through our secure FTP service without water marks.

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