How 3D Design Can Help Your Business

If you’re like most companies in the business of selling a concept or an idea, you know that seeing things from another perspective is often just what’s needed to close a sale. 3D design will help you!

The beauty of 3D computer graphics and modeling is the way it brings an idea to life, making it that much easier for customers to visualize that idea in a way that seems more real to them. In other words, it can help your business get more business.

A well-executed 3D design is a thing of beauty. It brings depth and elegance to its subject and provides the viewer with far more information than a static image offers. It can convey movement and paint a clearer picture of a physical space. However, creating a 3D image requires a great deal of skill and specialized software, so many companies have held back on adding these graphic elements to their work.

From research and development to helping conceptualize spaces, there is no doubt that 3D graphic design can make a difference for all kinds of professionals. Here are a few ways to use 3D design for your business.

VFX - Animation - 3D Design

1. Design and concept development

This probably seems obvious, but for those who create or conceptualize physical objects and spaces, a 3D computer generated image can offer unparalleled detail and perspective. Whether you’re discussing a building, an invention, or a new technology, 3D modeling is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. Add in the meteoric rise of 3D printing, and you’ve got the capacity to hold an actual object in hand based on a 3D graphic design – very cool.

2. Making a space perfect

Architects have long known the power of 3D models. Blueprints are great when it comes to actually building something, but for us non-architects they can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to visualizing a finished project. 3D computer generated images can help anyone who is building something, whether it’s a small business, an office space or even a garden.

Living Room - Loft
3D Design of Cloud-9 cervical pillow

3. Inventing a new product

Have you created that one thing that will change how all buildings do something? 3D design really shines in products and packaging. Having the capacity to show all elements of a project from any angle – fairly simple to do with 3D computer graphics – lets investors and decision makers feel confident about moving forward on creation. This is another place that’s ideal for 3D printing.

4. Presentations and branding

Whether you want to animate your logo on your website or create a snappy and dynamic presentation for a prospective client, 3D imaging and design makes it possible. Your small firm can look high-tech and professional with the addition of 3D elements in your company branding, not to mention how much it can help you sell that big project to a new client. Just imagine the difference between a standard flat pie chart and a 3D version that’s animated.

VFX - Animation - 3D Design