Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Add a new, more immersive and exhilarating dimension to traditional print and video story-telling.

Virtual Reality (VR) Production & Development Services

Virtual Reality is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world because Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can transport users into simulated worlds with overplayed digital information. It’s an incredibly powerful communication tool, to basically see and feel the design before a lot time, effort and money is spent. Today, there is little doubt that VR/AR will create new industries and disrupt existing ones.

Forward-thinking, trend-setting A/E/C industry participants are embracing virtual and augmented reality as tools for creating better buildings, more efficiently. In addition, having a VR experience will significantly increase brand awareness at any event and will continue to do so even after the initial experience is over. AT 3D.CR we offer end-to-end design and production for your next VR project whether it will be used as a presentation tool at tradeshows or a totally new marketing campaign. 3D.CR creates the story behind the experience, produces it, and provides the necessary support for a truly unique experience virtual reality.

Why Virtual Reality?

The video game industry was the first consumer market to develop VR products and establish a community of users and followers. Today other market segments experience major movements towards VR include the multi-billion dollar real estate industry, aerospace and defense industry, energy, Industrial systems and design, product design, entertainment, retail, education, health care and hospitality industries.

Virtual Reality in Architecture & Design

Our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars by no longer needing to physically build their prototype designs. Among our photo-realistic renderings, panoramas, animations and virtual reality options, there is no need to spend money on mock-ups or full-sized physical models while working through the many design iterations commonly seen during the design development phase. At 3D.CR we work in conjunction with the architecture and/or design teams to provide complete services, from initial concepts through the completion of the project.

Other VR Applications

Virtual simulation can help to validate Product Design including animated parts, eliminating the need for early rapid prototyping of multiple design options. Virtual reality services can be used to validate the layout and sight-lines of a new theatre, movie set or amusement park and with lighting and texture-baking, we can simulate environments needed to give a realistic idea of what future guests will experience as they move through the environment.
Utilizing our Virtual Reality technology, educators can produce interesting 3D interactive lessons which engage the students, increase comprehension and allow the students to explore places and skills they might never otherwise experience.

VR for Training and Simulation

VR systems can be highly applicable to maintenance training, allowing technicians to practice complicated and/or dangerous procedures anywhere from the safety of the office. VR is also used heavily for training and simulation of systems and procedures in the oil & gas industry, energy and aviation industry. Technicians and operators will gain a real-time sense of their future surroundings, and can practice operations, procedures and maintenance before ever setting foot near the equipment. VR simulation-based training improves the efficiency of skills transfer, increases knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within a training session.

360° Video & VR Distribution Services

Distributing 360º video & VR content is a crucial step in achieving successful project results. At 3D.CR we can design & build custom HTML5 web players so content can be displayed on any device or platform. Another great option for displaying 360º video & VR content is creating an Android or iOS application. When using an app users can experience content in offline mode with no loading involved. This guarantees a smooth and an exciting experience and with such an application, viewers can use their own HMD devices like Google Cardboard & Durovis Dive to view your content in a way that makes them comfortable.